Friday, September 25, 2015

INHERIT THE STARS by Laurie A. Green

Available in e-book, print,
or serialized in 3 parts (see below)
2011 RWA Golden Heart Finalist!
(under working title P2PC)

"I didn’t just love this, I simply couldn’t stop reading it.  It’s not just that there is always something happening, and usually going spectacularly wrong...It’s that around every corner there is a new revelation, and each time something is revealed, the story twists in a new direction."


One chance. No mistakes.

Sair took a deep breath and peered out the open airlock of the merchant ship. This was it. Make a wrong move now and end up the main course at an Ithian feast. He studied his escape route. The pilot wasn’t in sight; he had a clear path to the street outside the hang. He gripped the edge of the hatch, palms slick, legs twitching.


No shouts of alarm mingled with the roar of the busy spaceport when he ducked off the ship. Once out of the hang, he tried to blend with the crowd on the busy street. He sucked in his breath when a sharp-featured man in a dusty sun cloak strode straight for him.

Ithian? No, Carduwan. Thank the Fire Lords. A neutral.

Sair caught the man’s arm. “Where am I?”

The Carduwan registered his size and build; his expression melted from annoyance to fear. “Eliptis hangtown.” He edged backward. “Sir.”

“What planet?”

The man’s eyes widened and his Adam’s apple bobbed. “Dartis.”

Just my luck. Word was the Ithians ran as thick as rats in grain on this hell-baked ball.

Sair released the Carduwan, leaning closer to stare into the man’s sunshield. “Where can I get one of those?”

“Yours.” The man fumbled the dark wraparound frame from his beakish nose, offering it.

Sair grabbed the sunshield and slid it home, glad to hide his eyes. Don’t thank him. You’re Rathskian. He grunted, glancing toward the hang entry where a chubby man shuffled onto the street. Damn! The merchant.

Sair froze, but the salesman never glanced his way. It seemed he had no clue Sair had hitched a ride. So far, escape had been easier than expected. At least he hadn’t been served up on a platter yet.

And those I left behind?

The Carduwan strode away, dodging the merchant in his haste.

Sair went the opposite direction, breathing easier when he reached a side street that put him out of sight of the hang. Four strides later he heard a commotion—shouting voices, thumping sounds. He moved back to the corner and peeked around a slag brick column. His heart jumped.

A squad of uniformed men had the merchant pinned against the hang wall, screaming questions in his ears. Their arm bands sported dual bars. Ithian Alliance operatives.

Gigadamn. They know I'm on Dartis!

The Ithians must have noted his absence and tracked the merchant vessel after it left Ithis with Sair stowed away in a freight compartment. Now the poor merchant would have hell to pay. But it would be nothing compared to Sair’s punishment if they caught him.

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Inherit the Stars was also released as a 
three-part serial with special prices 
of $.99, $1.99 and $1.99. 
(Click links below the cover images.)

2015 Release
Length: 401 pages (full length novel)
Flavor:  SFR Adventure/Space Opera

Inherit the Stars is the first full-length novel in The Inherited Stars series.
Watch for the second novel, The Outer Planets, coming in late 2015.
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