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KEIR'S FALL by Pippa Jay #scifi #romance #spaceopera

A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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The ocean rolled in low, lazy waves, like a rippled sheet of platinum silk laced with diamonds. Keir stood poised above the water on a rocky ridge that curled out to embrace the sea. With a long spear raised in his right hand and his left arm stretched out for balance, he kept his eyes fixed on the glittering water below. 
A gentle sea breeze stirred the odd tendril of black hair, and he blinked each annoyance away when it strayed too close to his eyes. Sunlight warmed his dark-blue skin beneath the runes scrawled over his bare torso. He stilled his breath and held himself steady as telltale flickers in the blue water told him the time was coming. Only his gaze shifted. 
A shadow writhed in the depths, and he struck, thrusting his spear into the sea. After a moment’s pause, he yanked it back to lift his prize from the water. The giant eel twisted itself in hopeless knots as it tried to wriggle free, droplets falling from its scales like rain.
Satisfaction drew a smile to his face. As he headed along the ridge toward the beach, Keir hefted the spear over his shoulder, taking care the eel’s spiky teeth could not reach him while it struggled in its death throes. The thrashing load tested his balance, but fishing first thing had become part of his morning ritual, and the uneven path had grown familiar over time. Pale pink sand clung to his skin as he made his way to the tideline. Then he laid his now-still catch on the ground, removing the spear from it with an effort. 
He slid a knife from the sheath on his thigh and gutted the eel then removed the head with a wet crunch. A pattern of shadows over the sand jerked his gaze skyward. A small flight of delicate moth-dragons whirled above his head, no doubt drawn by the prospect of a free meal. He returned his attention to the eel with a smile. The little scaly scavengers were harmless and generally useful, and he silently wished them joy of it as he left the refuse on the beach. They landed in a squabbling mass of rainbow-gossamer wings as he washed his hands and cleaned the fish at the water’s edge. 
He watched them for a moment, and they returned the favor—the occasional pair of tiny black eyes rising from the crowd to glare at him suspiciously. Their dark metallic green hides glimmered in the dawn light, and their tremulous squeaks were the only sound above the rush of sea against sand. As he rose, they scattered in agitation, squawking protests at being disturbed from their feast. Keir walked a wide circle around them to a path cut through a grove of giant bamboo, running his hand along the thin wooden handrails that had been worn smooth by constant use. 
After several twists and turns had taken him deeper into the dappled shade and whispering trees, he came to a raised hut with a peaked roof of dried leaves. Rough stone steps led up to the veranda. He entered in silence and laid the eel on the kitchen table before opening the inner door and making his way in as quietly as possible.
Fragmented sunbeams fell through the gauzy insect netting at the windows to pattern the smooth timber floor. Keir paused, and his breath caught. Dappled light touched the woman sprawled across the bed, asleep under a woven blanket in shades of blue. Her tousled red hair half-covered her face, one arm was folded across her stomach, and the other laid palm upward on the pillow beside her head. The elfin face was childlike, her skin pale gold with freckles scattered over her small nose, her expression one of contented oblivion.
His chest tightened. Even now, it seemed beyond belief that he should be here, that he should have such a peaceful life and someone as beautiful and loving as Quin to share it with. The idyll of Kasha-Asor would be nothing without her by his side. Each day with her was a blessing. All the more so because he had once believed her dead by his own actions.
On impulse, he lifted the netting aside, but as his shadow passed over her, her gray eyes snapped open. In a flurry of blankets, she leaped from the bed and knocked him to the floor. Pain speared through his body as she straddled him and pinned his hands. 
“Never,” she told him in a low growl, “ever try to sneak up on me in bed!” 

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2015 Release
Length: 222 pages (full length novel)
Flavor:  SFR Adventure/Space Opera

Keir's Fall is the second full-length novel in the Redemption series.
Watch for the third novel, Keir's Shadow, coming in 20175, and a novella length side story, Reunion at Kasha-Asor, in early 2016.

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